How to Choose a Suitable Outdoor Headlamp

How to Choose a Suitable Outdoor Headlamp

Ningbo Mengting Outdoor Implement Co., Ltd was founded in 2014, specializing in the development and production of outdoor headlamp lighting equipment, such as rechargeable headlampwaterproof headlampsensor headlampCOB headlamphigh power headlamp, etc. The company integrates years of professional design and development, manufacturing experience, scientific quality management system and rigorous work style. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of innovation and pragmatism, unity and integrity, we always adhere to the combination of advanced technology and excellent service to meet the personalized needs of customers.

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Outdoor Lighting Headlamp

Outdoor lighting headlamps are designed specifically for outdoor activities and adventure enthusiasts, providing bright and reliable lighting for your night adventures. Whether it's camping, mountaineering or outdoor night sports, our outdoor lighting headlamps will be your best companion.

Our outdoor lighting headlamps are made of high-quality materials to ensure the durability and longevity. By using high-quality LED light sources, our headlamps can provide high brightness illumination, allowing you to see the road clearly and environment ahead in the dark. And our headlamps also have multiple lighting modes, including high brightness, low brightness and flashing modes, to meet the lighting needs of different environments.


Lightweight and Portable Outdoor Headlamp

The outdoor headlamp not only freeing up the user's hands, but also being lighter and smaller in size compared to mining lamps, really are designed for outdoor activities.

Different outdoor environments have nurtured a variety of outdoor activities, including single day hiking, long- distance hiking, camping, cross-country running, high-altitude mountaineering, etc. So, if classified in this way, headlamps that meet different outdoor needs will also appear.

(1)Headlamps for Single Day Hiking

Even single day hiking cannot do without a lightweight rechargeable headlamp, which can provide lighting after dark. If you are injured on the mountain and waiting for help, it can also send out a strobe signal for help.

Single day hiking may be the most accessible outdoor activity, going up the mountain in the morning, staying in the mountains for most of the day, and even having a big meal when going down early. But if you don't rush down the mountain before dark or get lost in the mountains, then you need a headlamp to work.


The Characteristics of Single Day Hiking Headlamps

The headlamps used for single day hiking should have lighting, distress, and lightweight functions:

A It can provide lighting when it gets dark. Headlamps with appropriate brightness can help you cope with unexpected nighttime activities.

B It can send distress signals to the outside world. When getting lost or injured in the mountains and waiting for rescue, there are flickering headlamps that can help others discover your presence timely.

C It is light enough and easy to pack. The headlamps used for single day hiking should be very lightweight, small in size, and not a burden on the mountain. It usually uses thinner webbing and a smaller battery box design to reduce your burden.


2)Headlamps for Long-distance Hiking

When long distance hiking, waterproof rechargeable headlamp can ensure your long-term use. Long endurance and compatibility with multiple power supply methods can ensure that waterproof headlamps work continuously for you.

A strong reliability of headlamp is required on long-distance hiking. Camping and traveling on long distances require frequent use of headamps for several days, and bumps, rain and snow can test the reliability of headlamps. In remote areas, it is difficult to obtain stable supply of headlamp batteries.


The Characteristics of Long-distance Hiking Headlamps

The headlamps used for long-distance hiking should have characteristics such as long battery life, multiple power supply methods, and high reliability.

A Long battery life

The headlamp is used at a specific brightness, the longer time , the stronger battery life.

B Support multiple power supply methods

In remote areas, AAA headlamps are easier to obtain than rechargeable battery headlamp. Some headlamps can use both AAA and rechargeable batteries, ensuring maximum power supply for long-term use.


Dual Power Headlamp                   

C High reliability

Two aspects: first is drop resistant headlamp and second is waterproof head torch. Drop resistant refers to the ability of a headlamp to withstand bumps and bumps, and not to break down in just one drop. There are different waterproof performance of various headlamps, and in order to choose an outdoor headlamp suitable for long-term use, you need to understand the IPX waterproof indicators.


Protection scope specification




Prevent water dripping


Prevent water dripping(tilt 15 degrees)


Prevent water dripping(tilt 60 degrees)


Prevent water intrusion from splashing from any Angle


Prevent low-pressure water from splashing in at any Angle


Prevent high pressure water from splashing in from any Angle


Submerged under 1 meter for 30 minutes to prevent water intrusion


Prevent water intrusion while submerged continuously

Waterproof level IPX4 is sufficient for general long-distance hiking headlamps . If a route requires crossing a river and may encounter rainy or snowy weather, the waterproof level should not be lower than IPX7.

The waterproof level test of the headlamps is carried out by a specialized rain test instrument. The following is the rain test instrument and related testing specifications configured by our company according to the international standard for electronic product protection level:


Contant Temperature and Humidity Box

3Headlamps for Camping

The headlamps used for camping should have multiple dimming functions to help you work at the campsite. The red light headlamp function helps you find things at night and can also prevent accidental contact and avoid power consumption.

Camping often involves using headlamps for commuting, work, and other activities at night. When searching for things at night, it is also necessary to ensure that the lighting is not dazzling.


The Characteristics of Camping Headlamps

Camping headlamps should have the function of adjusting light intensitypreventing accidental contact and emitting red light:

A Adjust light intensity

The headlamps with adjustable lighting levels can meet the needs of different activities during camping. Whether it's hiking, cooking or chatting with friends, you can easily handle it.

B Prevent accidental contact and avoid unnecessary power consumption

Headlamps with anti accidental touch design often set significant resistance to switches or have related locking designs to minimize the occurrence of accidental touch of the headlamps.

C Emit red lights

It is the best to have a red light function for the headlamps suitable for camping. Using the red light to search for things in the tent, it can protect a person's night vision ability. The advantage of red light is not easy to irritate our eyes. After turning off the red light, there will be no discomfort in the eyes, and soon we can fall asleep soundly.





The red lightadjustable light intensity, and anti accidental touch functions of the camping headlamps can be used for one or two nights of camping activities. If you go for a long journey, you need the headlamps to have more functions.


4Headlamps for High-altitude Mountaineering

During high-altitude mountaineering, headlamps are essential items for climbing to the top. Headlamps used in high-altitude environments should not only have many functions mentioned earlier, but also require special designs such as a battery box, easy glove operation, and constant lighting to adapt to high altitude.

Climbing at high altitudes requires the headlamps to be cold resistant. The high altitude and low temperature can seriously affect the normal performance of batteries, causing the lighting equipment to gradually dim. Meanwhile, wearing hiking gloves increases the difficulty of using headlamps.


The Characteristics of High-altitude Headlamps

The headlamps suitable for high-altitude use adopt a special battery box design, are easy to operate with gloves, and adopt constant lighting technology.

A The headlamps adopt designs such as rear battery box headlamps and split battery box headlamps

The two designs can use the temperature of the mountaineer to keep the battery warm and improve battery life. The split type battery box can also reduce the weight on the mountaineer's head.


B A switch that is easy to operate while wearing gloves

The product is positioned as a headlamp for high-altitude use, often using knobs or larger button switches. In this way, it is effortless to turn on and off the headlamps while wearing gloves, and operating the headlamps on snowy mountains becomes much easier.

C Constant lighting technology

Unlike regular headlamps that decrease in brightness during use, using constant lighting technology can keep the brightness unchanged during use, providing climbers with a good view from start to finish.

Our laboratory can meet multiple performance tests for LED headlamps, such as optical performance testinghigh and low temperature testingdrop testing, etc., to ensure that the products meet the standards or the requirements of the buyer.


Compact Array Spectrometer

D Choose low-temperature resistant batteries

In high-altitude environments, it is important to avoid using batteries with severe performance shrinkage under low temperature conditions, such as alkaline batteries. Instead, use batteries with good low-temperature performance, such as lithium batteries, to power the headlamps.


Our company has specially equipped a testing system to test battery performance, which can accurately detect the full capacity of the battery and the power supply time of the battery under low temperature conditions.


Battery Testing System

Why choose Mengting?

1. With 10 years of experience in the production, sales, and export of outdoor headlamps, Mengting is sufficient to handle various problems that arise during the production and sales process.

2. Mengting always take quality as the first priority, with strict production processes and layers of quality control. The quality is excellent and has passed ISO9001:2015.

3. Mengting has a production workshop of 2100m², including injection molding workshop, assembly workshop, and packaging workshop, we can produce 100000pcs headlamps per month.

4. Our laboratory currently has over 30 testing instruments and is still increasing. Mengting can use them to test and adjut easily to meet different product performance standard tests.

5. Mengting outdoor headlamps are exported to the United States, Chile, Argentina, Czech Republic, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Japan, and other countries, we fully understand the product needs of different countries.

6. Most of our outdoor headlamp products have passed CE and ROHS certifications, and a few have applied for appearance patents.

7. Mengting provide various customized services for headlamps, including logo, color, lumen, color temperature, function, packaging, etc., to meet the personalized needs of customers.


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