Product introduction

Motion sensor headlamp is designed for outdoor activities and adventure lovers to provide bright, reliable lighting for your nighttime adventures. Whether camping, hiking or outdoor night sports, Our cob headlamp will be your best partner.


selection of beautiful looking rechargeable headlamp. Each outdoor rechargeable headlamp has been carefully designed to provide optimal comfort and stability. The light body is made of lightweight and durable material, suitable for long wearing without discomfort. At the same time, we have also equipped the  camping headlamp with an adjustable headband to ensure that you can wear it safely and comfortably during various outdoor activities.
In addition to the diversity of exterior design, our products also have excellent lighting capabilities. The COB headlamp is a highlight of our headlamp range. COB technology enables headlamps to produce a more uniform, brighter lighting effect, allowing you to see everything around you clearly in dark environments. In addition, we offer LED sensor headlamps with low energy consumption and long life to provide you with long-lasting and reliable lighting.
For outdoor events that require a wide range of lighting, our new usb c rechargeable headlamp is ideal for you. Its unique design allows the light to illuminate a large area evenly, so that you can get plenty of brightness whether you are camping or working at night. The usb charging headlamp plus the adjustable lighting Angle give you the freedom to choose the lighting range and Angle to adapt to different environmental needs.
Fishing enthusiasts will not be ignored. We have specially launched fishing headlamps to provide professional lighting solutions for fishing activities. This headlamp combines special spectral technology to produce soft and comfortable light that will not disturb the fish. Moreover, the fishing headlight is also waterproof, so that you can fish in any weather with peace of mind.


Our motion sensor headlamp are made of high quality materials to ensure their durability and long life. Using a premium LED light source, our headlights provide high brightness, allowing you to see the road ahead and the environment clearly in the dark. Not only that, our rechargeable sensor headlamp have multiple lighting modes, including high brightness, low brightness and flicker modes, to meet the lighting needs of different environments and needs.
Our waterproof COB headlamps are also waterproof and shock-proof, so they can be used in a variety of difficult outdoor environments. Whether it's raining or through rough mountain roads, our waterproof sensor headlamps continue to function properly. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any difficulties or unexpected situations in outdoor activities, and our headlights will always be at your side to provide reliable lighting.


Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and will not burden your activities. With an adjustable headband, you can easily adjust the position and Angle of the Induction headlamp as needed, making it more in line with your personal comfort and requirements.

Headlamp reference parameters

Waterproof usb charging headlamp are designed to be lightweight and portable, weighing only between 40-80 grams, and are small in size and easy to carry. Whether hiking, camping, exploring, or everyday use, users can easily carry and put in a pocket or backpack, convenient and practical. The usb charging headlamp uses the latest LED technology and has extremely high brightness. In the dark environment, our products can provide 350LM of strong light exposure, bringing bright light to users. This allows users to clearly illuminate their surroundings, addressing the needs of nighttime activities. rechargeable headlamp waterproof have passed strict waterproof tests and have excellent waterproof performance. It meets the IPX4 waterproof standard, and users do not have to worry about the motion activated headlamp being soaked by rain.


Customized Services

Our lithium battery headlamp offer a variety of customization options, including LOGO customization, headlamp belt customization (including color, material, pattern), packaging customization (color box packaging, bubble packaging, display box packaging). These options will enable you to stand out in the market and add a personalized element to your brand marketing.
Whether you are self-employed, a retailer or a large business, we can provide you with the right customized solution to meet your needs. We have advanced production equipment and experienced team to ensure high quality and on-time delivery of custom headlamps.


headlamp product development and design

Our company is committed to the development and design of motion controlled led headlamp. We have advanced technology and professional research and development team, committed to providing customers with innovative headlamp solutions. When it comes to high lumen headlamp design and development, we always focus on high quality, performance and innovation. Our products not only meet the most stringent safety standards, but also become the benchmark in the outdoor lighting industry with their unique design style and exquisite craftsmanship.
Our headlamp product development and design capabilities are one of the core competencies of our company. We have a team of senior engineers and designers with a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge. Our team works closely together, from market research and product planning to design and testing, to ensure that our headlamps are competitive in the market and meet the needs of our customers. We focus on teamwork and innovative thinking, and constantly promote the development and innovation of technology. At the same time, we actively work with our customers to understand their needs and provide customized solutions.
When it comes to the design and development of touch headlamps, we pay attention to detail and innovation. Our design team fully understands the importance of emergency lighting and human design and creates unique headlamp designs by combining the most advanced technology and new materials. Our headlights not only have excellent lighting performance, but also use a unique sensing function and SOS function to add style and personality to outdoor lighting. We are constantly exploring new design concepts and lighting technologies to meet changing market demands and the individual needs of our customers.
In the development and design of future new headlamps, we will continue to be committed to technological innovation and quality excellence. We will pay close attention to market trends and customer needs, and increase investment in research and development to provide more advanced and higher quality headlamp solutions. We will continue to work closely with our customers to explore the possibilities for innovation and advancement. We firmly believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, our headlights will continue to stand out in the market and bring a better user experience to our customers.


Production process

The first is the procurement of raw materials. The production of headlamps requires the use of various materials. We cooperate with multiple suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials and the stability of supply.
The next step is the injection molding machine. The process uses an injection molding machine to inject heated raw materials into a mold to create a plastic shell for the front lamps. The injection molding process requires a high degree of precision and skill to ensure the quality and consistency of each luminaire housing.
Next is the assembly of auxiliary parts. In addition to the plastic case, small rechargeable headlamp require circuit boards, cables, bulbs and other parts. During the assembly process, our workers combine the components according to the design requirements to ensure the suitability and reliability of all parts.
Next is the aging and performance test of the headlamp. In this process, the lamps are connected to specific equipment and tested through continuous use and different ambient temperatures to ensure their stability and performance.
Finally, packaging and delivery. The led headlamp usb rechargeable passed the performance test, our workers packaged it, including adding protective materials and labels, and loaded it into a transport vehicle ready to be shipped to the customer.


The production process of rechargeable sensor headlamp raw material procurement, injection molding machine injection molding, auxiliary parts assembly, circuit board assembly, lamp aging and performance testing, packaging and delivery. Each link requires delicate operation and strict quality control to ensure the quality and performance of the front lamps. In the future, we will continue to improve this production process to provide better front-row lighting products to provide drivers with a safer and brighter lighting experience.

Quality assurance

Our quality control team plays an important role in every stage of production. During the product design and raw material procurement phase, they work closely with designers and suppliers to ensure that product design and raw material selection meet quality standards. During the production process, they will monitor the whole process through 20 sets of production equipment to ensure that the production process and operation meet the quality requirements, and to discover and solve potential problems in time.Before the product is delivered, they will use 30 testing equipment to conduct a final inspection and inspection of the product to ensure that the product quality is stable and reliable.
We are committed to providing high quality products and excellent service, and bring consumers a comprehensive flashlight solution to meet their needs. Whether outdoor enthusiasts, wilderness explorers, or ordinary home users, our products can provide them with the ideal lighting experience. We firmly believe that this portable and waterproof headlamp will become a useful assistant in your daily life and a reliable companion in outdoor activities. Buy our products to make your night brighter and safer!