Headlamp Classification

Headlamp Classification

Ningbo Mengting Outdoor Implement Co., Ltd was founded in 2014, specializing in the development and production of outdoor headlamp lighting equipment, such as rechargeable headlampwaterproof headlampMotion Sensor HeadlampCOB headlamphigh power headlamp, etc. The company integrates years of professional design and development, manufacturing experience, scientific quality management system and rigorous work style. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of innovation and pragmatism, unity and integrity, we always adhere to the combination of advanced technology and excellent service to meet the personalized needs of customers.

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Outdoor Lighting Headlamp

Outdoor headlamps are designed specifically for outdoor activities, not only freeing up the user's hands, but also being lighter and smaller in size compared to mining lamps. A wide variety of headlamps are appeared in different outdoor environments, such as outdoor led headlamp, sports headlampwork headlamphigh lumen headlamp, dry battery headlamprechargeable headlampplastic headlamp, aluminum headlamp, etc. So, if classified in this way, headlamps that meet different outdoor needs will also appear.

Our headlamps have various customization options, including logo customization, headlamp band customization (color, material, pattern, etc.), packaging customization (color box packaging, blister packaging, display box packaging, etc.), and more. These options will enable you to stand out in the market and add personalized elements to your brand marketing.

In short, headlamp is a very practical lighting tool, which plays an irreplaceable role in daily life, outdoor adventure and work maintenance, etc. Choosing the right headlamp can help you better accomplish various tasks and activities.

Several Classifications of Headlamps

According to the usage scenario, brightness, battery type and other factors, headlamps can be divided into various types. The following are several common headlamp classifications:


1. Classified by usage scenario:

Outdoor headlamps: usually have high brightness and can meet a larger lighting range. A headlamp is a must-have for hiking, camping, climbing and other outdoor sports, which can help you explore the mountains and forests at night and make the road ahead safer.

The brightness of MT-H021 can reach 400LM, and it adopts a full angle COB headlamp band design and LED red flashing function. It can reach the maximum illumination range of 230 degrees and the irradiation distance of 80M. This floodlight headlamp is suitable for camping, rock climbing and other outdoor lighting use.


Sports headlamps: Lightweight and comfortable, with good shock resistance, suitable for sports. When you're participating in nighttime activities like running, a headlamp can help you keep your vision clear and enjoy the activity better.

The advantage of MT-H608 is lightweight, weighing only 65g and with a built-in polymer battery. The usb c rechargeable headlamp is convenient and fast, and can last for 12 hours of running time. It has a 270 degree wide-angle COB patch and XPE long-range strong light wick, with an illumination range of over 100 square meters. Combined with the motion sensor mode, the lighting can be turned on with a wave of your hand. You can use it by pressing the sensor switch in any mode, which makes it easier and faster to control the lighting mode of the headlamp when you are running, riding or camping at night.


Work headlamps: usually require high brightness lighting and comfortable wearing effects, suitable for working in dark or low light environments. In situations such as power outages, vehicle breakdowns and maintenance, headlamps can help you operate your equipment in the dark and be more productive.

The MT-H051 headlamp is a detachable multifunctional headlamp with a strong magnet on the back that can be easily adsorbed and used as a maintenance headlamp. After disassembly, the bottom can be equipped with a bracket for use. It has COB headlight and LED long-range functions, with 5 modes of lighting that can be freely adjusted according to usage.


2. Classified by brightness:

General headlamps: Low power, suitable for daily lighting or short-term use.

The MT-H609 headlamp is small and lightweight, with the added function of a hat clip lamp in design. It can not only be used for head wear, but also for hat clips or book light. At the same time, it also uses a sensor function, which can control the lighting mode of the lamp with just a wave of your hand, making it more convenient for daily use.


High power headlamps: With high power, suitable for outdoor and night work needs.

MT-H082 is a high lumen headlamp designed specifically for outdoor adventure. It uses 2 T6 bulbs and 4 XPE bulbs, as well as a lighting mode consisting of 2 COB. It is powered by 1 18650 battery or 2 18650 batteries, with a maximum brightness of 450 lumens and a maximum endurance of 24 hours, which can meet the needs of high brightness lighting and long endurance.


You can manually adjust the headlamp lighting mode in any brightness mode, including main lighting-side lighting-six lighting-six flashing-COB strong light-COB weak light-COB red light-red light flashing, to meet personalized lighting needs. In addition, the headlamps adopt designs such as a rear battery box headlamp and a split battery box headlamp, which can utilize the temperature of the mountaineer to keep the battery warm and improve battery life. The split type battery box can also reduce the weight on the mountaineer's head.


3. Classified by battery:

Ordinary dry battery headlamps: cheap and durable, but sacrificing brightness and usage time. Due to the small size of a headlamp, it usually uses 3xAAA dry batteries.

The MT-H022 headlamp uses LED beads, a wide beam of 160 degrees, and dual light sources of white and red. It includes four white brightness modes (white low-white medium-white high-white flashing) and three red lighting modes (red LED on-red light flashing-red fast flashing) to meet your daily needs.


Rechargeable Headlamp Waterproof: Typically more powerful in performance, but with a relatively short lifespan. Small headlamps generally use the polymer lithium-ion battery, slightly larger headlamps use the 18650 lithium battery. And there is a wide range of battery capacity options due to different customer needs such as price, brightness, and runtime.

The MT-H050 headlamp is powered by a 1200mAh 103040 polymer lithium battery (inside). The body is equipped with an LED intelligent power display system and intelligent sensing system. The side of the lamp has three levels (30%/60%/100%) of battery capacity display to remind you of remaining power and avoiding the embarrassment of sudden power outage. IPX5 waterproof and highly sealed shell can prevent rainwater from entering.


4. Classified by material:

Plastic headlamps: Made of high-temperature and heat-resistant ABS material, with high cost-effectiveness, suitable for daily lighting and work.

The MT-2026 COB dry battery headlamp provides a wide beam illumination of 160 degrees, with 3 functional modes, suitable for various scenarios. The shell is made of high-temperature and heat-resistant ABS material, weighing only 40g, reducing the burden on the headlamp.


Aluminum headlamps: Corrosion-resistant, good heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, suitable for emergency lighting, building lighting, etc.

The MT-H041 headlamp is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, with a high brightness P70 LED bulb core that can reach a brightness of over 1000 lumens. It has a telescopic zoom function, and the head can be stretched up and down to adjust the astigmatism and spotlight modes. Oversized battery compartment on the back can be configured with 3 x 18650 batteries for extra long battery life and can also be used as a power bank.


Why choose Mengting?

1. With 10 years of experience in the production, sales, and export of outdoor headlamps, Mengting is sufficient to handle various problems that arise during the production and sales process.

2. Mengting always take quality as the first priority, with strict production processes and layers of quality control. The quality is excellent and has passed ISO9001:2015.

3. Mengting has a production workshop of 2100m², including injection molding workshop, assembly workshop, and packaging workshop, we can produce 100000pcs headlamps per month.

4. Our laboratory currently has over 30 testing instruments and is still increasing. Mengting can use them to test and adjut easily to meet different product performance standard tests.

5. Mengting outdoor headlamps are exported to the United States, Chile, Argentina, Czech Republic, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Japan, and other countries, we fully understand the product needs of different countries.

6. Most of our outdoor headlamp products have passed CE and ROHS certifications, and a few have applied for appearance patents.

7. Mengting provide various customized services for headlamps, including logo, color, lumen, color temperature, function, packaging, etc., to meet the personalized needs of customers.

In future, we will continue to improve the entire production process and enhance quality control to provide better headlight products and meet market demand.

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